I am ambivalent about her because I don't know her. I knew her...

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I am ambivalent about her because I don't know her. I knew her father, Roger Jean, who was the former Director of the College Saint Pierre in Port-Au- Prince where I attended school during the 60's. Professor; Roger Jean, Prof Emile Oriole, etc were Jacmelien mulattoes.

At least 50% of the students at College Saint Pierre were from well to do families in Port au Prince and some even drove their brand new car! Prof. Roger Jean, Prof. Ryswick Jean was not related to Roger Jean, Prof. Emile Oriole, Prof. Desroche, Prof. Ti Lolo, Prof. Madame Vladimir, Prof Jean Batiste, Prof. Guerdes Fleurant, and many more. They were well educated and competent educators but Roger Jean and Prof Emile Oriole were somewhat pedant, arrogant and womanizers.

I believe that Michael Jean is different from her father the same way Castro is different from his father.

I do not imply that Michael Jean is a socialist and I doubt that she will pass the litmus test to become the Governor General of Canada if she were. Nevertheless, when she went to Haiti the way she spoke about the poor Haitian and women prompted me to infer that she is not the type that will try to get rich at the expense of the people.

She probably will use her social network and political connections to accelerate the development of Haiti but she should have a coalition of luminaries like Jean Bertrand Aristide, Leslie Manigat, Ertha Pascal-Trouillot with her.


Lakou Lakay, July 25 2010, 4:03 AM


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I am ambivalent about her because I don't know her. I knew her father, Roger Jean, who was the former Director of the... read more >
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