Things that are looming at the horizon and to come: Stanley...

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Things that are looming at the horizon and to come:
Stanley Lucas, hrough his policy of accelerated privatization, he will allow the Americans, the British, the Canadians and the French to buy as much land in Haiti while the poor Haitian will become increasingly landless and dispossess.

Those new land owners will exclude Haitians in their own country by opening private and segregated beaches, private streets, exclusive clubs and other resorts.

They will establish zone off limits for black people under the guise of private property.

They will built several hotels, casinos to accommodates strange lifestyle in Haiti.

The following are their targetted areas: Delmas, Kenscoff,Boutilier, Furcy,Jeremie, Casal,La Gonave, La Tortue, ile a Vaches, Les Cayemites, Mole Saint Nicolas, Plateau Central, Fort Liberte, Anse du Diable, Jacmel,St Marc, Hinche,Cap Haitien, Fort Liberte, Belladere,Trou D'eau They will changes the Haitian laws to convert Haiti as a Mecca for homosexuality.

They have Plan to cultivate Afghanistan poppy or poppies [Papaver somniferum.] in the massif of la selle where he pH of the soil should be somewhere in the neutral range of about 7. and where night-time temperatures of 35 to 45 degrees F and day-time temperatures of 50 to 65 degrees F they believe are optimum conditions for such cultivation.

They have plan to cultivate marijuana throughout Haiti under the guise for medical export.

They will effeminate and zombify the the Haitian population before they proceed to the final extermination like they did to the Awawaks, Caribes and Tainos

Commandante Uno Div-n.e, July 24 2010, 8:55 PM

Topic: If you want Haiti to become an Afghanistan in the Caribbean,t vote for Luca

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