we need a true leader not a remote toy

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I don't think we have enough reason to be ashamed of president Preval yet. As I understand, he's already a sick man. He's trying his best to show the opposite but we know that the average life of an haitian citizen is 45, maybe 60 if he's well to do like Preval, and, of course, we have to think.

as Haitians, about the superficial things which are not really superficial but just poisoning.

I am really worried about Preval getting sick and not having the time to drive the country where he wants in his drunken dreams.

I want to go back home but I don't want to die by accident.

Mr Preval, do something.

You picked Verella.

I liked it, but what about security?

Crush the murderers and we'll all come to help

Ayisyen Patriyot, August 10 2006, 10:16 PM

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