Why Should Bill Clinton Have To Obey To Mevs' Orders?

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Bill seems to lose his patience and coolness while dealing with Mevs, the cabal of families that are running Haiti.

Mevs does not want the Haitian economy to be opened to foreign investmemts and he wants to rebuild Haiti in the same old fashion way. Now, you can see since it is a black nation, America is very carefull and they are using all democratic means to improve lives according to Mevs plan, the one who owns Haiti and all Haitians in Haiti.

Bill Clinton needs to stop all negotiations to join our freedom fighter groups to liberate Haiti from its oppressors and the mercenaries have to go away whether they like it or not.

Mevs must return all Jean-Claude Duvalier's business shares to the Haitian government before him and his closed associates will leave Haiti for real. The Haitian government or the United States does not have to buy Mevs shares anymore and Time is of The essence and Mevs should leave the country as well as returning the Haitian wealth to the Haitian people.

We want all Minustah forces to leave Haiti immediately, for Mevs refuses the reconstruction projects to go ahead and he is the one that is manipulating Preval to act on his behalf.

All his armoured vehicles and guns should be confiscated and returned to the Haitian government for a safe exit of Gregory Mevs and his associates.

Bill Clinton should give leeway to the freedom fighter groups to act immediately on behalf of the Haitian people while seizing and returning all Haitian wealth to the Haitian government...

Beware and Act. Guy Phillipe, you cannot help Mevs anymore and you need to join the "The Freedom Fighter For The Haitian Unique Cause" to liberate Haiti from its oppressors Mevs and others...

Jean-marie, July 13 2010, 3:38 PM

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