Why don't you call for the disparition of the Haitian elites...

Calixte P. - July 7 2010, 8:15 PM

Why don't you call for the disparition of the Haitian elites through a social revolution?

How many times do we have to change governments or leaders?

We have elected many leaders to solve our problems, but none of them got solved and would never be solved with the Haitian elites.

Haiti has no leadership problem Tiba and you refuse to understand it. The day you stop begging or flirting with the Haitian bourgeoisie, you will know the true problems of Haiti.

Preval does exactly what his bosses such as Mevs, Saliba, Castera, Beaussan, Baker, Brown, Biggio, Accra, Flambert, Delatour and others ask him to do. He does not have any problems with them and why are you calling for his forced departure?

Leave the man alone and if does not mail your VSN paycheck it is the fact that his bosses ask him not to do that for you anymore.

Do not blame Preval, but blame his bosses (your friends).

Stop being a traitor Tiba and stop drinking too ok. You can die in a few years if you are not careful.

Your stress level is very high and your headache refuse to leave you alone too. All those pains that you are suffering are the results of lies and hatred.

Be careful, you may stop bitching or fooling others soon.


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