Haiti must organize credible, honest and democratic elections.

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Haiti must organize credible, honest and democratic elections.

(16 /06/10)

Figure 1: At the centre, Paul Gustave Magloire, among the members of the Provisional Electoral Council, the General Secretary of the OAS and the Special Envoy of the UN General Secretary

MORN, the Movement for the Reconciliation and the National Renaissance, with the agreement of its members, its partisans, its allies and with the support of the trade unions in the transportation sector, with the support of the sociopolitical community organizations, which embrace and support the population of the country, declares that there will not remain on the side lines and accept that Mr. Préval and his cohorts organize fraudulent elections, as they are accustomed to doing.

Thus, MORN, in the name of the Haitian people, who have been dreaming and hoping for a long time to see the establishment of a democratic regime capable to facilitate the advent of a modern and prosperous society, requires that Mr. Préval take clear measures showing that he and his cronies are ready to accept that credible, honest and democratic elections can be held in the country, in order to replace his inefficient, dishonest and unpopular government.

One of the first measures to be adopted is the departure of the current Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) in its totality and to facilitate its replacement by a new council of credible, honest and qualified members.

Therefore, MORN gives to Mr. Préval and his supporters until July 15, 2010 to adopt the measures that must facilitate democratic elections in the country.

Otherwise, MORN, in the name of its members, its partisans, its allies, and with the support of the trade unions of the transportation sector, with the support of the sociopolitical community organizations, will be forced to launch a general strike, as a strong warning message, in order to show to Mr. Préval that we are ready to stand up in concord to say NO, that's enough! This time, we are fully ready to thwart all of his inhuman, undemocratic and antipatriotic actions.

Because, Mr. Préval has never shown even the slightest regard for basic democratic principles and has always been, throughout his political history, an outstanding artist in the production of fraudulent elections.

We already know that if nothing is done to stop him, he will move forward with his usual trickeries that he is so accustomed to doing and so famous for. Today, democratic elections are essential for the advent of a government that is legitimate, credible, honest and qualified, capable to lead the country towards sustainable development and modernization.

No one ignores that Mr. Rene Préval and his cohorts are stepping all over the principles of democracy and of good governance, which should make it possible for Haiti to get out of the ruts of misery and underdevelopment.

Indeed we must hold as proof that:

1- Tens of million dollars of emergency funds disappeared without the government of Mr. Préval being able to provide, in total transparency, evidence of their honest use.

2- We also have the case of the disappearance of Mr. Robert Marcello, who was a model of a serious and honest civil servant in the country and who had the role of rigorously validating and honestly overseeing the process by which the government granted contracts.

It was very difficult to hear from a henchman, who served Mr. Préval for money, that the order to assassinate this civil servant came from the National Palace, the Executive branch.

3- Mr. Préval did not hesitate either, after the greatest disaster that has ever afflicted Haiti, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, mutilated victims and orphans, to ask tens of thousands of homeless people to remain in the capital, in order to allow his cronies to profit from the provisioning of the victims.

After more than five months, he has not had the decency to support these homeless people, by providing a realistic and humanitarian solution, which could, at the very least, protect them from the dangers of the hurricane season.

The acts of malfeasance of this shoddy president are too numerous to list. Thus, when this dear Mister declares that he will move forward with "democratic" elections with this current Provisional Electoral Council, whose members have been carefully chosen by him and which has already carried out fraudulent elections, he must, at the same time and in his own cynical ways, be laughing at all of those who take his declarations seriously.

As far as we are concerned, we do not believe a word he says, not even a little bit!

Thus, Mr. Préval has compelled us to use our energy to fend off against his instinct of malfeasance, an energy which we had intended to use in the support of the homeless people, by encouraging them to go to the provinces and by giving our support to hundred of municipalities.

Mr. Préval has encouraged the homeless to remain in the capital to serve his political needs.

Our fear is that we know that there is a great risk of epidemics and that there could also be tens of thousands of victims if a hurricane strikes the area.

MORN is preparing, thanks to a coalition of engaged and concerned responsible citizens, and with the support of the Diaspora, several foreign donors of the international community who are sensitive to the plight of the Haitians, to launch the plan of construction for a new Haiti, where democratic principles and social justice prevail.

This overall plan, which is the product of our reflections and our experiences over these last thirty years, has been clearly published in our writings over this same period.

The objective of this plan is to re-launch the Program of the Depopulation of Port-au-Prince, which we had inaugurated in 2005, in order to get the capital back to less than one million inhabitants.

According to our plan, this city will be built based on a set of construction codes that will allow buildings and houses to withstand the shocks of earthquakes and the impact of the most powerful hurricanes.

This national capital will serve as the hub for political and administrative activities and will primarily be used to house the buildings of the central government.

The country will also have three new modern cities that will serve as regional capitals, one for the Great-North, one for the Great-Center and the last one for the Great-South.

We further intend to launch the modernization of the ten main departmental towns, because all these cities suffer from a lack of support and the weakening of their urban framework.

The absence of adequate infrastructures and opportunities, capable to guarantee a decent living in these towns is mainly responsible for the rural migration towards the main cities and is the chief reason for the hyper-concentration of the population and of the economic activities within the national capital.

In order for the restructuring of the country to be balanced, several special programs of modernization and economic growth, which put particular emphasis on the creation of small and medium-size companies as well as the creation of jobs for the young people, will be launched in a hundred municipalities springing forth from the three regional capitals.

We are in the process of preparing a master plan, which further anticipates that the majority of the communal areas, as well as the districts of the rural areas, will be equipped with the basic services, so that all the citizens of the country can live with the minimum of dignity deserved by any human being.

However, nothing of the sort will be possible, if Mr. Préval is allowed, once again, to carry out fraudulent elections, so that he will be succeeded by another government, as corrupted as the one he is currently heading.

As we declared on the evening of January 12, "Haiti will not die".

Since, so many children died that day, there was sufficient blood of innocent people to cleanse the country off whatever curse that struck the country.

Frankly, as far as curse is concerned, there would not have been any such reference, if it had not been for the results of our own turpitudes.

Since we are in the middle of the Soccer World Cup competitions, it is fitting for us to say to you, Mr. Préval that the ball is in your possession.

Once again, the decision concerning the wellbeing of the country as well as that of its children is in your hands.

The decision to fire the CEP, as a first step, in order to begin the process of free and honest elections for the purpose of establishing true democracy in Haiti is yours as well. MORN, in the name of its members, its partisans, its allies, and with the support of the trade unions of the transportation sector, with the support of the sociopolitical community organization, wishes you good aim!!! Hopefully, you will make the right decision; you will not attempt to score one more "GOAL" against the Haitian people, because of your personal and selfish interests and your lack of patriotism.

Let us be abundantly clear, this opportunity to modernize the country will not once again be missed.

In the name of the country and its future generations, we are putting you on notice, you will not have your way this time; we will make sure of it. This is our pledge to you. You can count on it.

May God bless Haiti!

Paul Gustave Magloire

Former Minister of Interior

President of MORN

Morn, June 19 2010, 1:27 AM

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