Montresor 2011 to enforce intellectual Protection's under NAFTA.

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Dear Haitians and International Communities,

My demands to your attention will be the following below;

What are NAFTA intellectual protected properties?

I am indeed maybe in need of some updates from you since I am new to this arena.

For the moment I understand that Haiti (Haitians) has no known signed international treaties on intellectual properties but that alone isn't a license for violations of my rights as a Haitian national to demand protections under NAFTA on behalf of our country.

Former U. S President Bill Clinton and President Barrack OBAMA or the United States Congress could be better at explaining to Haiti (Haitians) the protected intellectual properties covered under NAFTA.

As a historical Presidential candidate abroad in the U.S.' I am asking for global solidarity to petition any individual, national, international groups, government officials, foreign officials (countries) who may either infringe, bribe, (stealing) wholesome or in partly our country's first developed methods, and formulated written vision in order to alter, demeaning its original credited author.

's intent to bring reform, improve, protect the nation's social services of national and foreign interests.

Or perhaps hinder, jeopardize his candidacy's chance to win the election as scheduled for this November 28 of 2010.

Under this notice certain users; copyrights are waived for the purpose of campaigning and internet publications only to non political individuals, media, national, international groups, government officials, and foreign officials (countries) educational of non-personal interests in financial gains; Otherwise I Michael M. Delasse or inheriting family members with our legal representatives reserve the right to proceed, defend, seek judgments, on, before and after Haiti's elections or anytime necessary in accordance to provisions under NAFTA's intellectual protected properties even if I wasn't elected President of Haiti.

The new Haitian President or any group of the presidential successor is subject to obtain legal rights, exemptions and licensing in order to use in wholesome or partly of Michael M. Delasse's formulated written vision, developed methods, intellectual properties accordingly in order to avoid violation of intellectual properties infringement.

God Bless!
If you have any questions please contact us:
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Montresor2011, June 15 2010, 2:19 PM

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