Tiba to Antonioj!!

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Dear Antonioj,

We have been exchanging insults and dismay at each other over one man, Stanley Lucas, for awhile now, and I am very sorry about all of that.

I have posted three (3) articles about the man you are supporting so strongly and so passionately to be president of Haiti.

I hope you'll read them all 3 thouroughly and make your own conclusion.

Please understand that I was not trying to be an antagonist as you had accused me. Like I tried to tell you that I was not supporting nor going against any issue and subject discused on the blog. I was just making my own analysis with the little information available to me.

According to the little info provided by Stanley Lucas on his bio, here, on this blog, had helped me to arrive to the conclusion that I have expresed.

And that is from Francois Duvalier to Preval and Stanley Lucas, they are all cut in the same cloth of killers who were determined to keep Haiti in constant and total chaos, havoc, and meham.

I could have posted more articles about this monster, Stanley Lucas, but I am too tired and hungry.

I have got to split now to go get me some chicken wings before I pass out.

You have asked me to provide proofs so I did my best.


Tiba, June 14 2010, 4:23 PM

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Antonioj, 14-Jun-10 4:38 pm


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