First, you don't need to use fake names here Aristide (Tiba...

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First, you don't need to use fake names here Aristide (Tiba, Tirelina, Vigilance).

We all know this is you airing your problem with Preval -- did he cut off your gravy train?

Second, you received a report in october 7, 2002 stating with 100% certainty that Haiti would face an earthquake in the near future.

This was from your own Mining Bureau.

You did nothing about it and that is the reason we are here today.

Third, the rampant corruption was set in motion by you. According to our General Accounting Office, you still have $350 million of Haiti's money.

That would buy a lot of tents.

Finally, you have totally missed the point (as usual).

One of the most effective ways to ensure the impactful deployment of foreign aid is to strengthen in-country capacity and that is not what is happening.

I invite you to read my article "The International Aid Debacle" detailing how the international community (donors) have spent $11 billion over the past 20 years with absolutely nothing to show for it, see:

We cannot afford again to flush this money down the toilet.

There are millions of competent Haitians that could manage government and build businesses.

All of them have been totally marginalized or driven overseas by the rampant kidnapping, extortion and violence perpetrated by you, Preval and your cronies.

By the way, it is "billions" ($9.9 billion to be exact) not "trillions" that has been donated.

Where we do agree is that the current government is incapable of effectively and honestly overseeing this money.

That is why the country is seeking change and demanding competent and capable leadership.

Change is coming.

Say goodbye to your old, outdated methods of doing business Aristide.

Enjoy your $350 million while you can.

Stanley Lucas, June 13 2010, 12:32 PM

Topic: Interim Reconstruction:Strengthening or Undermining Haiti? by Stanley Lucas

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Tiba, 13-Jun-10 11:24 am
First, you don't need to use fake names here Aristide (Tiba, Tirelina, Vigilance). We all know this is you airing your... read more >
Stanley Lucas, 13-Jun-10 12:32 pm
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Tiba, 13-Jun-10 2:42 pm
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Tiba, 13-Jun-10 8:49 pm
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Lakou Lakay, 13-Jun-10 10:56 pm
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