In this 21st century Haitians are still using the level of...

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In this 21st century Haitians are still using the level of French someone speaks, and now English, as a qualification of a good leader to be president in Haiti.

Although, many of these supporters can barely understand anything this man is saying either in French or in English.

It is the same pattern that keeps going on in circle with Haitians when it comes to elect their so-called leaders.

In terms of intellectual power and social affiliations status, I always wonder if Albert Eistein would make a good, effective, progressist president?

If all of these Stanley Lucas' supporters would have any shred of intellectual capacity to conduct the smallest critical thinking evaluation by reading between the lines of Lucas experiences as a former employee of USAID, IRI, etc. etc...

and all of these white masters he surrounding himself with, it would not take awhole lot of intelligence for one to realize that this man, Lucas, does indeed meet the definition of House Slave Uncle Tom.

I would encourage all of the Lucas' supporters to research the function and the mission, goal, objective, philosophy, and the ideology of USAID and the IRI organizations and try to understand what was the job description of Stanley Lucas in Haiti when he worked for these organizations.

People, for once, try to understand how the concervative republican political machine has impacted Haiti, and if you're happy with that then elect Stanley Lucas as president of Haiti.

Stanley Lucas is a hardcore neo-concervative, radical republican whose mission is to implement the neo-concervative agenda in Haiti.

For years Lucas has conspired to the current down fall of our country, Haiti.

As far as I'm concerned, the caveman and the monkey can do a far better job running/governing Haiti than lucas ever can.

Ad yes, it is without a doubt that Stanley Lucas is an Uncle Tom, a House Slave who keeps wipping his master's butts with his tongue after taking a sh8t.

Tiba, June 12 2010, 8:52 AM

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Bernard Valcourt, 12-Jun-10 2:04 am
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Antonioj, 12-Jun-10 8:35 am
In this 21st century Haitians are still using the level of French someone speaks, and now English, as a qualification... read more >
Tiba, 12-Jun-10 8:52 am
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Antonioj, 12-Jun-10 9:29 am
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Antonioj, 12-Jun-10 9:47 am
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Lakou Lakay, 12-Jun-10 9:51 am
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