Aristide is the savior of Haiti

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Those that don't like Aristide are getting paid by foreign enemies of Haiti or are politically immature.

Aristide is on the side of the masses.

That is why the professional parasites in Haiti and abroad are against him.

Lavalassien De 1ere Heure, May 23 2010, 4:52 PM

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Aristide is against the masses of the people, he was using the people to get what he wanted thanks God for the... read more >
Former Lavalas, 23-May-10 6:31 pm
I was with Aristide last weekend in South Africa. Our leader is in good spirit and has daily reports from our... read more >
Lavalassien De 1ere Heure, 23-May-10 7:15 pm
Aristide is a former dechouker and anarchist that armed litle children with machetes, gun formed group like you... read more >
Former Lavalas, 24-May-10 3:37 pm


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