Go back to school and get your GED

Robert Magic - June 1 2007, 9:49 PM

It's a shame; you don't even know how to write your own language.

What type of english is that?

You become a major shame for your own country by not speaking and writing your owm language properly.

Let me teach you something brother; it seems like you dropped out in middle school or elementary school.

HAITI remains KING among the Islands.

WE are the BIG BOSS, money cannot change anything about it. You are attacking the only free ISLAND in the world.

I know the story of every single island; there are issues that I can't explain to you online.

My only advise to you is to go back to shool and learn a little bit about the history of Haiti.

Bahamas is the richest Island; You need to know now who are ruling Bahamas?

Are they the natives or some Father- countries whose invest in it for their own interests.

If you don't have any knowledge regarding Haiti, my second advice for you is just to be quiet.

The army stays a poison for the country.

WE DON'T NEED AN ARMY. It will take me too long to tell you why Haiti doesn't need an army.

My third advice for you: do not involve in issues where you're unable to defend yourself.

robert magic

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