Jean Lotu Thelusmond, You said "I, Jean Lotu, am smarter...

Tiba - May 23 2010, 7:59 AM

Jean Lotu Thelusmond,

You said "I, Jean Lotu, am smarter, more visionary and more pragmatic than you are."

Well, no disrespect but the content and the writing of your post really reflects just the opposite of your brain capacity that you bragging about so much.

Anyway, this is beside the point.

If you were as smart as you claimed to be, you would understand that there is a big difference between "being competent and being smart, visionary and pragmatic.

If you would take a moment to think, you would realize that those in power in Haiti, for the most part, are smart (well educated), visionary (know how to steal), and pragmatic (know how to give long fency speeches).

Understand this true fact for the rest of life, "Competence or being competent" has to do with the "know-how" (le savoir faire) "Can Do", the ability to govern a country effectively, able to run a company, an organization, a business, etc. etc...


Able to make things happen for the good of the people, the country.

"Do goods for the greatest number of people.

Despite his intelligence, it doesn't necessarily mean that Robert Eistein could have governed a country effectively.

Stop cofusing the term "COMPETENCE with Level of Education." I am not saying, however, that education level cannot enhence someone's capability to achieve greater goods for a country, for a people.

Education level is only ice on the cake.

I don't know if you knew this but Antoine Simon was Haiti's president with the least education, but he was the most progressist president who had accomplished more for Haiti than other presidents before and after him. This was a reflection of his "COMPETENCE."

Got it?

I guess not.

This is a direct reply to: The American government placed Rene Preval in power...


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