The term "Haiti's reconstruction" has been flowing around a...

Tiba - May 21 2010, 4:39 PM

The term "Haiti's reconstruction" has been flowing around a lot, and I keep asking myself constantly the same question ove and over again what Haiti's reconstruction these people keep referring to?

There is one thing I know for sure and that is it's been almost 6 months now since the quake, not one little brick or one small piece of concrete has been removed yet in P-A-P.

People, please get it to your head. There not be no reconstruction of Haiti Thomas, not now, not ever. Haiti is doomed for eternity.

Not that Haiti could not be rebuilt but it would take a strong leader with the intelligence, wisdom, and the "know-how" to take on such enormours project/plan, and so far I don't see that leader coming from Haiti, from the Haitian people.

I don't care much for the Haiti "Most Repugnat Elite (MRE).

" I think of these people as litches, blood suckers, and the most disgraceful creatures of Haitian society responsible for in great part for Haiti's failure, nevertheless, they are still important in Haiti's future.

They should play a role in Haiti's future if Haiti is to ever become a country.

The difficulty to rebuild a new Haiti lies mostly on Haitian ignorance and ill informed mentality due the fact they are unable to distinguish the responsibility of a government from the citizen/people/individual responsibility.

Meaning, no one, you, me, and anyone else will ever lift a finger until the government gives the signal, until the government set the stage.

The people/citizens don't govern/rule.

The government rule/govern with the people.

There will not be a reconstruction fo Haiti Thomas until the government comes up with a bluepoint/plan and tells the people what's what, the goal, how it's going to be done to reach that goal and set a specific time on when it's going to start.

The people is supposed to follow the leadership and not the other way around.

Stop fantasize, stop living and lala land, people.

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