To All Bloggers: Be Respectful To Each Other When Blogging

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Actually, some FBI agents are monitoring the dialog that we have on this blog to learn about our level of political conversation and also note how much we know about Haitian Politics.

Many Educated Haitians are translating the contents of what we are writting and they are taking notes too. Listen, remember everything that you post will stay alive on some encrypted softwares and later they will stand against you. Avoid vulgarities and profanity words while voicing your concerns and be respectful to the other counterpart without insulting him or her. I want all the males to be respectful toward the ladies and stop using foul languages on this blog. Lynda or Linda, Tiba and Kiki are very good bloggers and they know how to take care of others whenever others are insulting them.

I congratulate them for that. I am monitoring this blog too and I am taking notes about the excesses.

Let's have honnest debates and respectful political conversations ok. I want you to see your level of civility and show the world that educated and instructed Haitian intellectuals are civilized people.

Let's build our committment on that like Tiba, Linda (Lynda), Bernadette and others to name a few...

Jean R. Lebaron, May 21 2010, 3:17 PM

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