That Gouyeurless is a major part of the problem not the solution

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That well known magouyeur gouyeurless is a notorious petit bourgeois.

She has been a staunch anti socialist for years.

Our organization has been following her moves since 1969. Her modus operandi is to work as fifth columns among the progressive people trying to sabotage their movement from within.

Keep an eye on her. Find out about her background, her current and past whereabouts where she lives and where she goes and you will be surprised.

She is the big boys' fillette lalo. Don't be her next victims.

Keen Pupil, May 21 2010, 10:45 AM

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people like you should not be on this blog. If you were so sure about "her" how come you just don't give us facts... read more >
Marcy Paul, 21-May-10 2:54 pm


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