Really Robert, a bourgeois will have the nation's best...

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Really Robert, a bourgeois will have the nation's best interest at heart?

I wonder what history book you read that from. The fact is that throughout history and in all nations (specially Haiti) the bourgeois class has always been considered as the group least likely capable of running a nation.

That class is known for one thing an one thing only--being able to generate money for their own pocket.

They are usually a class of people who are nouveau riches, and the very concepts of equal distribution scares them. Their whole goal--historically--have been to make more and more money, and only for themselves.

In past societies they were often thought of as the least patriotic class, as they would sell their soul for a buck.

Throughout history, the most productive leaders have come from the elite or intellectual social classes.

That group no longer exist in Haiti.

Sure, you have some members of that group still there, but they are so few that you don't even notice them. An elite group is not a group of new money people.

Some members of the elite may have very little money, but are very respected by the society because of what their ancestors did for the nation.

Some have money, but that is not what makes them elite; what makes them elite is their their vast intellect and their historical contribution to the nation.

They are part of that class that really knows the nation's old history.

They are part of that class that is recognized for their history not their money.

In a regular society, many of them do have money, but they know that that is not what makes them. That class no longer exist in Haiti.

They left during the Duvalier and Aristide massacre years.

Linda, May 20 2010, 5:33 PM


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