Democracy peace and development not anarchy

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Jean talked about D. Toussaint, Aristide made him and put him in Kazen with J.C. Paul. THen he started to create trouble, he had to exile himself.

All those lavalas "formes" by Aristide are empty brains.

All the good ones that were already prepared on their own when they joined him in the great "lavalas movement" are gone.
Preval in one of the latter.

To Adhebiz, I say you're exactly right that a lot of guys make their money during turmoil; I know some of them. They hide on the hills and send their subalterns unload their merchandises (cars, food, drugs, etc.) without paying a penny.

But the major problem comes from the street kids Aristide provided with drugs and guns and they have no brain and they are blind.

Mr. Jean, no fight please.

We all love that country of ours. One day perhaps we can all go back and participate to its reconstruction.

I just want the terrorists to give a peaceful man like Preval a chance.

We cannot afford it. We're too poor.
We cannot give the investors or potential visitors the bad impression all the times.

I am talking about getting serious here. If we have to crush the trouble makers now, so be it. And we'll move in discipline and respect towards conquering misery.

Grangou lan vant pa dous. By creating turmoil like the ones we're witnessing now, the result will always be more and more misery.

Whoever is responsible for stopping the activities in the capital, for the kidnappings, and killings should be punished mercilessly.

We just cannot afford all those childish BS anymore.

Democracy is not a license for disorder, it is a right to voice your choices or discontentment through fair elections and then let the elected leaders lead unless they go out of this world like Aristide.

Ayisyen Patriyot, July 26 2006, 11:05 PM

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