Serge Desrameaux, You need to understand this very important...

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Serge Desrameaux,

You need to understand this very important concept "incompetence and mediocrity" breath incompetence and mediocrity.

However, it your rights to choose to like and admire Preval just because your heart dictates you to, but not because he is a progressive and accomplished president, and that is unfortunate.

Do you now understand politics and emotion don't go together.

You said "Sir, if you have problem with your President, that's your problem.

Remember, Preval has been elected democraticly for five years, you need to wait for the end of his term, February 7,2011.

However, February 7 to May, only three months, we don't need any other President than Preval."

1) Preval is Not my president.

He is your president! 2) if you had read my entire message with comprehesion you would notice that I mentioned nothing about Preval leaving office before the end of his term. Hoever while you are at it, let me say to you that if you had the very least understanding of politics and democratic electoral process, you would know there is a myrriad of ways to remove a dully elected government from power such as: referendum (vote of confidence), impeachment, peaceful protest, etc...unfortunately the Haitian people is not informed about these processes.

3) However, "February 7 to May, only three month." You really lost me there because I have no idea what you're trying to say.

You said "Maintenant, vous et vos partisans, nous vous attendons tous aux urnes.J'aime mon Pays, j'aime mon President, j'aime mon peuple et Je vous aime aussi."

Get off your high horses because you are not the only one who loves Haiti, the people, and the country.

However, you are part of a small bunch cheering for Preval while not one of you (cheer leaders) can give one good reason for liking him so much.

You said "Vous parlez du "tafia",boire du tafia n'est rien, quelquefois ca bon pour la sante.Une seule chose il faut eviter l'exces, parce que l'exces en tout nuit.Pour moi, je n'ai jamais bu du tafia."

Sorry to rain in your parade by telling you that there is never a good time to drink tafia/kleren or liquor/alcohol.

Any time you drink that crap, the alcohol destroys some of the brain cells.

You said "Mon tafia est ma bible et l'amour pour mon peuple qui souffre."

1) I knew you were a religious fanatic who will always stand up to support the "status quo" I now understand why your're cheering so mcuh for Preval.

2) if you had the least understanding of the Haitian soufference, you would understand that the people is siffering because your president, Preval, has refused to feed the people and provide opportunities to the people he was elected to protect and to serve.

Learn the definiton of "social justice" and see if Preval has held his end of the bargain?

You said "Je fais des sacrifices pour acquerir une bonne connaissance a l'exterieur pour aider la jeunesse de mon peuple qui est l'avenir du pays.
Je vous invite a vous resaisir pour ne pas repeter n'importe quoi. Je vous invite a relire mon premier text et vous ferez une autre analyze."

1) you are not the only one to earn good education abroad with the intention to contribute something to Haiti.

2) as I mentioned before, the young generation of Haiti would not have to rely on you, me, and others to do much for them if Preval had provided them with opportunities to go to school, with a good 21st class school system, opportunity to knowledge, to employment, etc...

that is what good and competent governments do. Citizens like you, me, and others only contribute using the sound infrastructure built/created by the government.

3) I'll say it again and again until the government start working for the people that elected them to protect them and serve them. All I want the government to do is to do its job if they know how otherwise they need to get out and let others who can to take over.

If I had my way or any say on the matter, I would strongly go against the government receiving any dime from the reconstruction effort money.

You and I, and everyone else know full well what would become of the money if Preval government is put in charge.

Unfortunately, there is no money coming from the master to rebuild Haiti/P-A-P. It's been 5 months already since the quake and there is no signs of any work being done.

You are free to cheer for Preval, it is your rights, but you need to ask yourself sometimes what exactly are you cheering for?

What has Preval accomplished for Haiti?

Tiba, May 15 2010, 7:46 AM

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