To:Neg lakay says: Darati kon cie, mim si ke ou ta vle ou pa...

Lalane - May 11 2010, 2:18 PM

To:Neg lakay says:

Darati kon cie,
mim si ke ou ta vle ou pa ka konyen girlfriend me. ou pa gen boi non bounda ase.ou laid, ou pa ka bande, ou tro granmoun e sitou ou pa gen lagen.

masisi tan kou ou pa ka koyen fam. ale chita bounda maklouklou, anvan ke mrin di tout publick la ki moun ou ye pou tout bon
Neg lakay.

=>Lalane reply
This is a big secret she kept away from you. Everybody know the story but you. your friends, relatives and neighborhood know the story but they don't want you to commit suicide.

I am the 27 y/o ti-granmoune she was working with last year but she flip the number and told you that I am 72 y/o.Did you bother to verify the facts, no. You were too busy watching TV.
I have little sympathy for you because you are so lazy you don't even bother to apply for welfare.

You think it is a big job for you to wake up in the morning to go to the welfare office and wait on line. She is tired of your excuses of not having a job and monies.

Make sure that she is on time tonight.

Do your job by babysitting while she will be away from your house.

If you continue to annoy me on the net, I will allow her to move in with those kids and she will take an order of protection against you.This is not a threat.

It is a promise.

So be nice with me. I do a full time job and a part time job to keep you alive that is why your girl friend worship me like a god.

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Darati kon cie, mim si ke ou ta vle ou pa ka konyen...


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