Montresor 2011 Addresses the 2010 Presidential Election.

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May 8, 2010

My Fellow Patriots in Haiti and Abroad,

Here are the alternatives to why any delay of the Presidential election should not stop Haiti from having a new President in 2011?

I am placing the solemn duty of our nation's destiny on your shoulders as Haitian citizens to decide.

I demand that you fully comply as of today under my leadership authority and to reunite for the best interest of Haiti.

Our time to strategically bond as a nation is now and we must quickly reunite in rejecting the Preval government with strong demands to:

A. Step down without negotiation once we have selected a new President.

B. Upon refusal to step down you (Preval) will face criminal charges for mismanagement of the country's affairs, financial and mishandling during the period of earthquakes that wreaked havoc on our country.

C. For treason and plotting with foreigners to enslave Haiti/Haitians on their rightful soil.

D. For not properly maximizing on the timing in running the country and failure to hold free and fair elections as set by the constitution.

E. For trying to manipulate ways to stay in power after serving two terms as President.

F. Failure to inform the nation of new visionary leadership correspondence and or prospects of the country's best interest to succeed.

As you know many years ago I've accepted the call to volunteer myself as a public servant in serving you with all of my heart by strategically planning and educating you (Haitians) on how to properly move Haiti forward in the 21st century and I hope that I have made a difference in you.

As your candidate for President I have long foreseen the elections' chaos, and failures.

I have made some propositions and solutions on how we can come together to be a single minded structure of purpose in solving the problems way before they happen and/or before the refusal of President Rene G. Preval to step down in February 7, 2011.

Once again I would like to bring these solutions and instructions to your attention for actions to be taken by you (Haitians) starting today May 8, 2010 till November 28, 2010 without violence and chaos as we proceed to select, and elect me (Montresor) as the next leader (President of Haiti).

A. Log on to an internet or café
Submit your pre-election vote immediately to my website at

B. On November 12, 2010 at 11:00 Am until 1:00 PM take the street in your city with a peaceful march and declare Me (Montresor) President elect of Haiti.

C. At 4:00 Pm I will hold a press conference and/or release my acceptance speech to all T.V., Radio stations, news media/internet in Haiti and abroad with outline detail instructions to you, the nation, and the Rene G. Preval government.

Sincerely Yours,
Michael M. Delasse
The future President of Haiti
God Bless!
Montresor2011 at

Montresor 2011, May 8 2010, 3:50 PM

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You sound like you are parroting the president of the USA. You don't sound like Haitian at all. A guy like you will... read more >
Grand Bois, 8-May-10 9:37 pm
Sir, if you truly mean business, show the Haitian people a PLAN OF ACTION of what you can do for them and how your... read more >
Bernadette S, 8-May-10 11:14 pm
Bernadette ou se timoune ki gain madichon. Ou pa kab derespecter gnou gros gran moune tan kou Montresor. Anyway what's... read more >
Lalanne, 9-May-10 12:56 am
Undoubtedly, you are a die hard fan of Montresor's. or if not Montresor himself! I have already seen what is in that... read more >
Berbadette S, 9-May-10 10:26 am
Get your facts and understanding before you formulate your opinion. Only a pervert will read the content of my last... read more >
Lalane, 9-May-10 2:42 pm
Hello Bernadette, Do you see why our country is where it is now: everything is reduced to one thing: SEX. The main... read more >
Ayisyenpatriyot, 9-May-10 2:56 pm
Dude, I do not know who you are and do not care to know. Perhaps you should read and re-read my post again and again... read more >
Bernadette S, 9-May-10 3:52 pm
To B.S You might be related to Madame Max Aldophe. I am going to find out if she had daughters since you and her look... read more >
Lalane, 9-May-10 5:35 pm
Lalane, you sound like a jerk little boy. Fallow me at Soon, you will be TOO OLD,Lalane. You are just plain SUCKER for... read more >
Jp, 10-May-10 1:20 am
Bernadette, do not waste your time arguing with those brainless people. Those truck and taxi drivers have no respect... read more >
Jean-bas, 10-May-10 3:44 am
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