Aba Salop Tiba, Your low life brainless moronic messages are...

Tiba - May 6 2010, 5:27 PM

Aba Salop Tiba,

Your low life brainless moronic messages are not really worth an answer even from a dog but I feel compelled to ask you, according to your insinuation posts, do you really think that you, Preval and all of his mercenary bunch stealing from the public coffer is more honorable than me receiving food stamps?

At least the food stamps are given to me legitimately.

This is the food stamps that I cashed most of the time, so I can get cash to send to family and friends in Haiti that your so-called president, moronic drunk Preval cannot feed. Preval was elected president to feed the Haitian people but unfortunately he keeps stealing all of the money he gets from the master and leave the people with nothing but to eat dirt.

You, Preval and his crony bunch are real disgrace to all black people and to all heads of state in the world, but most importantly you are all a big shame to Haiti and to the Haitian people.

People like you, Preval and his cronies should have been the ones buried under the rubbles or just disappeared in the quake period.

Haiti would have been much better off without people like you, Preval and company.

Oh, one other thing, if Preval could feed me and provide me with opportunities at all, I would be in Haiti and not overseas living off the master's food stamps.

I am sure the same goes to most Haitians living outside of Haiti, in the master's countries.

You stupid! this is what happens when people like you and preval open your mouths without thiniking first about what you are about to say, but again neither one of you is capable to think anyway.

This is what tafia/vodka does to your brain, it kills your brain cells and turns you into a big dumb ass f***.

Stop stealing and stop feeding the people!

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TIBA, Salop, bon, gade yon neg kap viv aba ciel...


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