The lack of brain power is the great challenge the Haitian...

Tiba - May 6 2010, 8:57 AM

The lack of brain power is the great challenge the Haitian people is facing today.

They seem to be incapable to think rationally and critically about anything.

They can barely make sense about anything.

Reading the messages on this blog makes even the caveman to ask himself, what the f**k these people are saying exactly?

One has to be the most stupid, intellectually banckrupt, brain dead, moronic being to believe that giving all those billions/trillions of dollars and full control of the rebulding effort to that incompetent medicore Preval, is a good thing because it is not.

If that is true, the underline message the international is sending out to the Haitian people is that they really don't give a rat ass about them and whether they live or die they can care less.

We all know full well what is going to happen to all of that money.

We know full well where all of this money will go, not to Haiti and certainly not to rebuild squat in Haiti.

Anyone who would believe that is the biggest fool ever walked on the planet.

People we dealing here with a bunch of thieves (voleurs).

This is the only thing these mercenary bastards know how to do well, stealing, stealing, and more stealing.

Money is the biggest impairement to these so-called Haitian leaders.

One other thing Haitians need to realize is that these billions/trillions of dollars do not belong to the Haitian people.

They are not Haitian's tax dollars like many of you on this blog seem to believe.

The money is a gift/donation to Haiti.

Haitians did not work for the money which gives full rights and authority to ALL people around the globe, including the caveman, to question the use of every penny of the money.

Personally, I do not think one penny should go to Preval's government at all under any circumstances.

But it is the master's money and therefore it is the master's decision to give the money to the house slave knowing fully what they are going to do with it.

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