No mezanmi. No. We need the international community now. We...

Ayisyenpatriyot - May 4 2010, 5:37 AM

No mezanmi.

No. We need the international community now. We need the Americans now. The problem is not them. We are the problem because we are not organized.

All we do is "bla bla bla", using extreme words to show our so-called nationalism.

We need them now. We cannot allow the US to leave now. They have the money.

If they give it all to Preval and Bellerive, we know what's gonna happen: "Coup d'etat, massacres, ti neg pral goumen pou lajan" Preval a minis yo ap pran pi fo yale; Senaterr ak depiterrr pral chita sou dodine yo, monte e pi jete gouvenman defakto, Let's use our common sense.

We are our own enemies because of our scrupleless ambitions and our deep history of ignorance reflected in our political system of "chen manje chen"
The Americans must stay. They will never go anyway.

But we must organize to make sure the rebuilding is done according to new rules of modernity.

Stop talking surraneous ideological crap. It's time to act "METE MEN A LA PAT"

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