Haiti's Limitations and its Rat Elites

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Haiti's land size is limited and an Agrarian Economy alone cannot really feed 9 millions of Haitian citizens.

Haiti in 1804 with 500,000 Haitians is not the same Haiti as it is today with 9 million Haitians.

We cannot feed all Haitians with the same old agrarian economy of the 1804. Toussaint himself knew that Haiti would be an outcast country in the Caribbean Region, for he knew his political map very well. We are surrounded by Latin Caribbean countries meaning mulattoes' speaking countries and White countries such as Canada and the United States.

Toussaint knew that we could not resist to white racism in a white world; therefore, he had chosen economic prosperity over political instability.

He wanted Haiti to be an autonomus country with self-governance rights aligned with the mainland ideals meaning France.

As a visionary person, he knew that independence would bring us political isolation, corruption and more racism.

However, Napoleon Bonaparte was so ignorant in his thoughts that he did not accept Toussaint's offer.

Toussaint knew that Haiti would be like it is today after 206 years of independence, humiliation and shame with a Coco Rat Elite.

Meanwhile, Dessalines knew that Haiti would always need the protection of a foreign country to preserve Haiti's independence.

He had cooperated with the United States and the British to acquire arms and amunitions to defend Haiti.

Haiti will always need a foreign protection and that is why this Coco Rat Elite always calls for foreign forces to come in Haiti to protect them against the Haitian masses.

Vole toujou bezwen protection.

Thieves will always need outside's protection.

Thomas Jefferson's ignorance of Haiti's political realities prevented Haiti from becoming an American state.

The slavery as perpetuated in the United States after the Haitian Revolution was another factor that prevented such political alliance.

We have the American's interference in our political affairs since 1862 and in 1915 with the Monroe Doctrine, America forced upon us a Protectorate meaning they are the new masters of Haiti.

With such a signed Protectorate, our Coco Rat Elite will never develop Haiti and they always believe that the Americans should develop Haiti.

Now, we should end this hidden political agenda as endorsed by the Haitian Rat Elite and the Americans.

We must end this international conspiracy over Haiti.

We must free Haiti from this political mess. In one hand, we have a Coco Rat Elite that will never develop Haiti because of the protectorate and on the other hand we have the Americans that will never develop Haiti with for the Haitian Coco Rat Elite.

Now, we should end this vicious cycle by a clear political choice.

Haiti cannot have two political owners.

The Status Quo is unacceptable, for it creates more poverty and the Haitian Coco Rat Elites are the poverty pimp managers in Haiti.

We should replace them by any means necessary to bring justice and fairness to all Haitian people in Haiti and overseas.

We should explain all the proposed political choices to the Haitian people and call for a national referendum so they can decide for the future of Haiti through an Enhanced Commonwealth or a simple Commonwealth.

I believe a commonwealth solution will end the political mess that the state of Haiti has found itself in since 1804. We should call for that referendum and let Haiti have only one owner as elite to eradicate poverty and make all Haitians proud of themselves.

In an interdependence world, it is absurd to argue about independence, for industrial farming takes over rural agriculture.

We need technology and equipments as well as factories to produce more foods to feed a malnourished population.

The Haitian Coco Rat Elites cannot do that for us, but the Americans or the Britons can do it so we must step up to save the Haitian masses in Haiti.

In the Caribbean Region, the life expectancy of all Commonwealth countries is 72 years whereas for Haiti it is 47 years due to the fact we do not have a green country (lack of trees).

We should opt for a commonwealth solution to increase Haitian life expectancy...

Dessalines The Tiger, May 2 2010, 12:05 AM

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