Jean-Claude Duvalier is preparing his son to become the new...

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Jean-Claude Duvalier is preparing his son to become the new president of Haiti in the upcoming elections.

Jean-Claude Duvalier was not a mulatto-eater, but his father was. Nicholas will bring to us class divisions from France where he grew up. His mother is a mulatto woman who was interested in stealing money from Haiti's national treasury.

This guy grew up in a vicious cycle where he could not be different than his parents.

We had already that experience with Boyer, Salomon, Duvalier Francois, three French citizens.

France prepared those former presidents and shipped them in Haiti to become presidents.

That will not happen again.

We must redefine the Haitian politics and call for a commonwealth solution so this country will not be hijacked anymore by a bunch of crooks of the old regime.

Nicholas will need the Tonton Macoutes to back him up to the Haitian presidency.

That will not happen again.

We should step up and call for an enhanced commonwealth with self-determination rights to end this political chaos in Haiti.

The Duvaliers can come back to help with Haiti's reconstruction and live in Haiti for another 20 years before they seek the Haitian presidency position.

We do not need thieves and mulatto-eaters to be back to power in Haiti.

The Syrian-Duvalier backers in Haiti would not be able to restore the Duvalier's regime if they thought Nicholas would be in power to eat mulattoes to please them.

We need to engage the dialog of race reconciliation and we also need corruption to end in Haiti this time for real. An Enhanced Commonwealth with Self-Governance Rights is the best fit for Haiti instead of the Status Quo with the American Protectorate Rights.

We need to engage the commonwealth dialog right away to prevent the ancient regime to come to power, for money and fame can back them up. As you state it, the Haitian Middle class should step up to prevent that from happening...

Dessalines The Tiger, May 1 2010, 10:53 PM

Topic: Haiti's Racketeerian Elites Are Preparing The Terrain For Nicolas Duvalier

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Jean-Claude Duvalier is preparing his son to become the new president of Haiti in the upcoming elections. Jean-Claude... read more >
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