How old is Nicholas today? At least, it least it will not be...

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How old is Nicholas today?

At least, it least it will not be as ridiculous as 19. As stupid as it may sound, Nicholas Francois Duvalier could very well be the next President of Haiti.

While the majority of Haitians are Not organizing and forming Political organizations to defend Haitians' rights; the traditional mulattoes and Syrien-Haitians have been lobbying to Washington since early 1900's. They are well known in the international circles and are getting their demands met. The elites apparently want to have a Duvalier or Duvalier-like regime back in Haiti as it suits their interests.

Haitians will be threatened again if they don't agree with the system.

They may even leave en masse like during the Duvalier regime.

The middle-class-intellectual people, where are you?

We all know that you are the ones who truly governed Haiti.

I understand that you don't want to walk on their toes. I would suggest that you firmly voiced your opinions without offending the elites that you want so much to be friends with.
Right now, Haitian people need you. Haiti needs you. I also know that you (Middle-class) don't respect the peasant class ...But you are smart enough to understand that it is not a question of bipartisanship but a question of Haiti's very survival.

LOBBY IN WHASHINGTON as a group to change Haiti for better and for EVERYBODY ---Not the usual few....

Nicholas Francois grew-up outside of Haiti.

Both of his parents and relatives are highly politicized people.

He is young, hopefully schooled about Haiti and its problems.

He grew-up in money; perhaps we will not be money-hungry and angry.

Now, will Nicholas F. Duvalier be able to relate to the populace?

If he were to be DEMOCRATICALLY elected, he would need to convince the Nation that he is their MAN. Nicholas would be an exception to the presidential background...He would be coming from the upper-class.

Would he be more compassionate toward the poor?

or indifferent?

both points are valid.

If the Duvaliers are serious about this issue, let us see how Nicholas presents himself, what kind of plans he has for Haiti, and how he plans to finance them. Personally, If he were not a Duvalier, I would have liked the idea a lot more. I would hate to see another Duvalier regime back in power as business as usual.

Bernadette Levasseur-Shiels

Bernadette S, May 1 2010, 5:13 PM

Topic: Haiti's Racketeerian Elites Are Preparing The Terrain For Nicolas Duvalier

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