Hold your horses and calm down! People think before you get on...

Tiba - April 30 2010, 8:10 AM

Hold your horses and calm down!

People think before you get on a plane bound to Haiti in search of your dream job that is going to make you rich in 3 months so you can finally buy that villa you so desire in Florida or in Spain.

It is no doubt the current condition/situation/environment/and circumstances would led everyone to believe there are tons of jobs in Haiti waiting for anyone who wants one to get one, but are there really?

1) if there are so many government jobs why aren't they been advertised?

2) if there are so many jobs in the private sector why aren't they been advertised?

3) anyone would think there is now a big "construction" jobs boom in Haiti, is there really?

If so, why everything is kept secret?

Finally, becareful ALL of you who are willing to pay any organization or individual to help you find your dream job in Haiti.

The scamish insdustry has grown tremendously since the quake.

If there are really jobs in Haiti, I suspect that they are very expensive to get because it is the Haitian way. Ask yourself this question, why should you have to pay an individual so much money to get a job or any job in Haiti?

Just keep in mind that by accepting to pay someone to help you land your dream job in Haiti will make you an enabler and supporter of the corruption all of us are complaining about so much. Corruption, in this case, is okay for you because it serves your need but bad when it is about someone else. Can't get your cake and eat it too.

I, too, would like to go back to look for something, but I will not pay anyone to help me get a job.

If Preval's government has any common sense and any intellegence whatsoever, they would know and learn to advertise government job online for anyone who is interested to apply, and the same goes to the private sector as well.

I've checked US-government and UN job postings websites and there is nothing posted specifically for Haiti.

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Mwen ta renmen pou sit entenet sa-a prevalhaiti.com...


We need qualified professionals now

Hello Haitians. Alo tout Ayisyen. Tout moun ki gen bon diplom kap gaspiye ozetazini. Li le pou-n al bay kout men...

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