Haiti needs Civil Servant Test for all Governement position

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Haiti needs the establishment of a civil servant test for all the candidates that apply for government position.

That will include presidential candidates, Senatorial candidates.

Presidential and Senatorial candidates should be able to pass a rigorous psychological test to rule out another potential Francois Duvalier profile.

They should be able to pass other rigorous test pertaining to management, Administrative procedures, Diplomacy, International Treaties, Civics, Haitian and world history, Ethics and Human Right issues.

The non presidential and non senatorial civil servant tests will follow a similar format like those used in U.S.A., England, France and other countries in the industrialized world.

Law that regulates the conduct of those civil servant employees will follow the industrialized nation's patterns but should be modified to reflect the Haitian culture and realities.

A Haitian Civil Servant Employees investigative branch that investigates civil servants by giving them an offer they can't refuse.

For example if a civil servant gives preferences to young women in exchange for potential sexual gratification, they will use young voluptuous women to investigate him. If he accepts bribes, the investigators will offers him substantial cash. This test cannot be equated as entrapment but as an integrity test to get rid of bad C.S.E.
To investigate a corrupt employees in a given location the investigators should be dispatched from another location.I.e. They should use investigators from Petit Goave Cap Cayes or other place to investigate a target in Port-Au-Prince and Vise Versa.

The target should be investigated by at least three investigators with different background and approach that don' know each other.

Right now we have a system whereby all the governmental jobs in Haiti are allocated to political appointees, patronages, spoils, elected family members and friends or"moune pa-nism" or even no show jobs or zombies.

Those political appointees are well aware that their position is not permanent.

That is why they are corrupted and steal as much they could.

They know very well after the president is gone most they will be without a job.

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Dr. Feel Bad
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Dr. Feel Bad, April 29 2010, 12:10 AM

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