The Imperialistic Countries Are Better Than Haiti, An Indepenedent Country

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Why Haitians are so hypocrits?

May be they are confused people.

If it is true Commonwealth Countries or Imperialistic Countries are no good, why so many Haitians are living in those countries?

Puerto Ricans is a Free Country Associated with the U.S. in a commonwealth of nations and it is better than Haiti.

In 1998, Puerto-Rico has a referendum about exiting the U.S. Commonwealth.

Almost 70% voted for Commonwealth, 26% for Statehood and only 4% voted for independence.

As such, 96% voted to stay with the United States either in the Commonwealth or among the U.S. or becoming a U.S. state.

If the United States were so bad I believe that 96% of Puerto Ricans would not ask to stay with the United States.

Haiti will never be better, for Haitian political, economic and intellectual elites are bad. Haitian people need new executive leadership so Haiti would not look Puerto Rico in 1898. I swear to GOD that Haiti will never change...Read the postings of the well-to-do children on this blog to know if a subhuman country like Haiti can change.

They are more nationalists than the 97% dark skinned Haitians.

They are talking in the names of Charlemagne Peralte, Dessalines and others.

A Tsunami will wash them away soon. Haiti should be under water soon to purge those bad apples.

The Indio God will wipe them all off Haiti's map soon...

Carlos, April 28 2010, 10:51 PM

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Francesca, 28-Apr-10 10:53 pm
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Carlos, 28-Apr-10 11:03 pm


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