Shall we put this elitis word to rest?

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The "elite" word is the most popular word on this site. We should not forget them as they represent a salient point in Haitian socio-econonic fabric.

They are certainly not doing anything to help the economy and probably never will without great pressure and economic persuasion coming from the nation, the government and most importantly from foreign aid/investors (primarily from US, Canada and France) who can sanction and implement with pertinent embargo...

that directly affected their pocketbook if they don't comply with stipulated and agreed demands.

Short of a similar strategy, everything else will fall on deaf ears. Violence and bloodbath have been tried so many times and are at status quo still.

Obviously this is not a helping strategy.

Other methods should be explored such as the one mentioned above.

- a consensus between the government, the people and international economic players on economic demands that are reasonable, durable and doable.

Usually, economic development is not the role of an "elite" class per se as they are most often a parasite group.

Haiti may be exempt from this rule as "elite", commercial "elite", intellectual "elite" are used interchangeably in this context.

In Haiti the "elite" seemed to be tinted with corruption and prolific penetration in government and business as a group to instill family-friend favors and incompetency in those sectors.

This system takes away jobs from people who may be qualified to do the job and also stop money from flowing to other segments of the population.

The Haitian people should demand a Motion for Relief from Economic Injustice.

However the Motion should be specific, enumerated and concise.

e.g. Broader participation in the business sector: Job vacancies should be placed to ALL pertinent places and the media should make an attempt to attract and inform people of those vacancies.etc...

General demands like: we want road constructions, bridges, potable water, housing are too vague demands; and are not truly within the realm of an "elite" class.

Those demands are usually made by a Middle-class, since they carry the brunt of paying the heavier taxes of a country.

They do have representatives in government to advocate for them. The Middle-class can also at times be a strong advocate for the poor.
The Haitian Middle-class may be few in numbers.

The Intellectual group could talk on behalf of the people.

They may have to be firmly focus as not be intimidated by the upper class also known as "elite".

Haiti may not be an occupied State, but nothing gets done internally without their input...

Mr. Clinton just recently apologized for his mistake with the Rice incident.

If he is truly sorry, ask him for help with this particular issue: Relief from Economic Injustice - Economic Development.

If Mr. Clinton wants to help, he knows exactly whom to contact and how to go about it. So far, I believe he is the best bet. They key word is to be specific.

Job creation and help for Haitian farmers to buy equipment and knowledge with irrigation.

This is where I think Mr. Preval expertise could be put to good use as he is an agronomist.

A strong agricultural development and the return of the Creole pigs could make Haiti independent from global economic warfare as we are not yet in a strong position to trade advantageously with them.
Bottom line: Elite -- They are a necessary evil (money, power)
Middle-class/intellectuals: necessary weapons for advocacy
Peasantry class: participation the right way is our salvation
for economic independence
Foreign aid- government: could be instrumental.

Repeating over and over the same litany of wrong doings and negative epithets to the "elite" WILL NOT CHANGE A DAMN THING.

Bernadette S.

Bernadette S, April 28 2010, 2:14 PM

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