Haiti's Racketeerian Commercial Elites Show Subhuman Genes

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Many people argue that Haiti has no elites and people should step up to replace the current elites, for they show subhuman genes.

We cannot let those racketeerian people run the country anymore.They came from the old schools and their skills are not in demand anymore.

Some people argue that those crooks did not go to any business schools and they are in Haiti to close all colleges and any modern institutions.

Haitian elites do not like the idea to create a university campus like Duvalier and they will do everything in their power to prevent Haiti from having an university on its soil. Why should we have those thieves running our counnntry?

Here in the U.S., the commercial and intellectual elites work together with all universities to create more goods to improve human conditions as well as bringing peace and stability to their country.

They are not in transit in their own country and they are not planning to go live in another country.

Our commercial and intellectual elites are guided by greed, corruption, and dirty means to keep Haitian people in abject poverty.

Should we cross our hands and let them continue with the same BS of 206 years of our painful history?

Our elites are enemies of progress and civilizations and they should be flushed deep down the earth so no one could recycle their brainless bodies.

Haiti should take the commonwealth road for political stability, good governance and economic prosperity.

For all those who believe that Haiti will be a new country with the current statu quo, they are wasting their time in thinking this way. Haiti will never change unless we change Haiti's executive leadership either through the commonwealth road or a bloody and costly revolution.

You make your own choice, for Haiti will never change with its ignorant and repugnant elites...

Dessalines The Avenger, April 28 2010, 10:00 AM

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