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Prezidan Preval,

Eyes get hit, it's leaking, hungry dog don't play.

Who don't listen must feel it.

If you need more information about me, meet me at:

Toronto West Seventh day Adventist church
1621 Albion road - Etobicoke - Ontario,
M9V 4M2

Ask for Patrick Princivil
I am a Deacon there, and I am willing to invite you to come in my apartment.

You will see what kind progress I made about 20 years in Canada in the name of Jesus, but I am blessed.

If you know any VOODOO Priests, whatever power they have who want to give their Souls to God and want to wipe out demons in their Voodoo's temple and their houses, call Patrick at:
this is my cell phone.

I had a dream the last time, when US kick President Jean Bertrand Aristides out of Haiti.

In this night I pray to God and said :

God in heaven! why you punish Haiti so hard like that?

all the Presidents who come on Power, suck the Haitian's blood with their families and friends, you don't say anything, and I slept.

In the dream I saw all the seventh day Adventist church members and the Pastors and I, gather in the Parliament of Haiti.

Praise to the Lord of lords; the King of kings, you should know this name is Jesus.

I saw in the dream we opened all the doors of the parliament and made a big clean up, this mean we wipe out the demons and we came out and wipe out Neg marron and all those Demons the Haitian's VOODOO priest stick on the ground and under the ground.

Prezidan Preval,

you know what I am talking about, Call US and la France to take back their demons.

My ambition is to lead Haiti with a clean heart.

This spirit of criminal-gay, homosexual-bisexual lesbian etc.have to go back to them. You have to put fire on the demons.

I will be there very soon to shake Haiti by God's power.

I want to be a Voodoo's temple cleaner in the name of Jesus-Christ, I will love my job

God bless Haiti

Patrick Princivil, April 26 2010, 11:13 AM

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