Haiti's Elites and Promotion of Abject Poverty

Dessalines The Avenger - April 24 2010, 3:23 PM

Haiti's Elites Are the Fierce Advocates of Sovereignty and Independence to Promote Abject Poverty
Haitian Elites are the fierce advocates of Haiti's Sovereignty and Independence to promote abject poverty.

If they were so nationalists, they would have promoted agricultural projects to feed all Haitians rather they are imported chemical foods in great numbers to destroy the Haitian economy and create more dependency toward other foreign nations.

It is sad to say it that Haiti does not have leaders, but it does have "patrie poche leaders." Calling for sovereignty and independence in a country while keeping its citizens in abject poverty is insane and unacceptable after 206 years of independence.

During these 206 years of independence only mulattoes, Arab citizens and a few black petits bourgeois can say they are independent citizens in an independent country.

Only 3% of Haitians are enjoying such an independent citizen status since 1804. 97% of Haitians are corrupted slaves working hard to survive under an internal colony of the Haitian elites.

They are the most nationalists ever in defending Haiti's sovereignty and independence.

Read their posting replies to Dessalines The Avenger.

Haitian people need decent life, food, good education and shelter to be called independent citizens like the well-to-do 3% Elites of Haiti.

Haiti's elites will never solve Haiti's poverty after 206 years of independence and our years are numbered in this island and if we do not shape it up a Tsunami will shape it for us. Ask yourself what happens 500 years ago and what will happen after 500 years of Columbus Discovery of that wealthy part of the earth in the 16th century era. Think and think again...

The fierce advocates of Haitian Nationalism or sovereignty will be mulattoes; Arabs naturalized citizens and Arab Haitian born, bourgeois in general just to retain control of the monopoly market over Haiti.

Haiti should belong to a commonwealth of nations to make it become a truly independent state in an interdependent world.

There is no independent country around the world now. The United States does belong to British Commonwealth of Nations, European Union and East and South Eastern Pacific Asian Commonwealth of Nations.

Haiti's land size is limited and we have no technology and the know how to do stuffs.

We will always remain dependent of a foreign nation to develop our economy.

From an outcast country and internal colony of the 3% Well-To-Do Haiti's elites, we can become a strong independent state in an interdependent world if we belong to a commonwealth of nations.

It will be good for all and we will have an open economy and a strong competition over the Haitian market.

As such, our citizens will not eat mud cakes and worms anymore and there will be no MINUSTAH's Garbage cans for poor Haitians to seek foods to feed themselves.

Haiti's elites brought us shame, humiliation, pain and misery and no dark skin Haitians could be proud of their legacy.

They are the ones calling for unity, sovereignty and independence on this site whereas Haitian masses are left in abject poverty.

Haiti's elites remain the most powerful gangster elites that we should fight to death along with the international community for their legacies of despotism, clientelism, mismanagement, dependence on foreign assistance, corruption, political instability and isolation, gangsterism, obscurantism in education, criminal activities, coups d'états with the blessing of some international conspirator countries, taxation mismanagement, lack of accountability to the Haitian people, bad administrative and political divisions in Haiti, centralized power in Port-au-Pce, political exclusiveness and brainwashing of the masses.

We cannot be a strong and an independent country if we cannot solve all those political and socioeconomic ills. We are an outcast black nation and an internal colony of the 3% Well-To-Do Haitian elites.

Look at what their sons and daughters are doing on this site. They are posting nasty comments against others and they are trying to divide all in false postings.

They are using others' names to play their fake game. This site is managed by the well-to-do elites of Haiti just to know your ideas and kill you whenever the time you set foot in Haiti.

They are planning to kill Aristide, Jean-Claude Duvalier and others in exile if they decide to return in Haiti.

I said all exiled people should return home to serve with their knowledge in other sectors and not as executive president of Haiti.

We have so many sectors that are waiting for them to work; therefore, they should be back to help. National unity can only be solved if we belong to a Federative State with the Dominican Republic first and later with a Commonwealth of Nations for fair labor and management practices in Haiti.

Our Haiti's elites are suck and repugnant, they cannot be trusted anymore.

Haiti is only independent for 3% of people where 97% of people are living in abject poverty.

We will survive and I will help you toward this painful path. If Aristide had respected and implemented all Governors' island treaties signed in the United States, Haiti would already be a better country, but his political mulatto marriage with Mildred Trouilot favored more the blessings of Brandt, Mevs, Saliba, Castera, Brown, Beaussan, Delatour, Baker, Vorbes, Flambert, Accra, Vitiello to name a few to continue the old shit routines in preserving the status quo and the Haitian Corrupted Oligarchy.

Mwen fout tounen nan bouda yo fwa sa e pou de bon ok.

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