Concerning Baby Doc and lots of women you may have him...

Earl Wheby Jr - April 23 2010, 8:39 AM

Concerning Baby Doc and lots of women you may have him confused with Tiger Woods! Where did you come up with this figure of $800 million?

How would you have any knowledge of women he has been with in Europe and his grounds for divorce from his wife was that she was the one running around on him! And if he really had such funds why were he and his mother not able to pay a hotel bill in France?

I am not going to argue with you about how smart Baby Doc is because its not all that important considering the state of affairs Haiti is in at the present time. If he is somewhat dumb then the others you mentioned can also be part of the government.

We should all work together for the benefit of Haiti.

And if he is so dumb how did he figure out to steal all that money?

Its because he didn't do it. It was done by my former boss his former father-in-law Ernest Bennett and his daughter the former "First Lady" of Haiti! He is now older and more mature.

And I do not doubt your description of Papa Doc and the crimes is guilt of as many people have commented here about them. But that doesn't mean we can just "transfer" punishment to the son or grandchildren.

The reason I would like to see Baby Doc return is for the same reasons others here have called for his return and its because dumb or smart he is the one who can help pull the most Haitians together including all the men you have mentioned who should be in his cabinet or military.

Speaking of military, its important Haiti have an army and air force once again and that the United Nations troops leave the country.

One of the reasons they are staying is all this constant internal fighting amongst the people of Haiti.

My advice, for the sake of Haiti and its bright future, we must unite even if we don't like the idea of accepting certain people in the government (besides helping to bring needed unity there really isn't too much any of them can do to help Haiti in this current situation)! But with unity and with an army and air force, which Haiti obviously has a right to have, then liberation of the entire island will be possible and instead of tents and costly rebuilding and it will take a LONG time to rebuild Haiti the people will simply move into newly liberated areas of the island and establish themselves in liberated "resorts" which were built on Haitian lands in the first place! War is coming! I never said Baby Doc should be a dictator but just as others here have said we need for all former leaders to come together at a time like this including Baby Doc who had been led around by the nose by my former boss his former father-in-law Ernest Bennett and his daughter who was Baby Docs wife. A woman can cause lots of problems in a mans life. Look at all the problems Tiger Woods has because of women! Lets get his former wife, who reportedly is living in luxury in the U.S., in a cage in Haiti and charge $5. to have a look at her?

No stone throwing would be allowed unless Haiti becomes Muslim which isn't likely because the Catholic Church and Voodoo are the religion of the people of Haiti.

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