Critics: Who are paying attention not the elites' sons and daughters here

Suzanne - April 18 2010, 3:08 PM

They are little crooks like their parents they will never listen to you. Don't you see how those crook kids are fighting the ideas of Dessalines The Avenger.

When I read their postings I laugh to see how much the kids' elites are ignorant and unaware of Haiti's poverty.

It will take some conscious males from their families like Castro to straighten them up, but the day will come and just hope. In their satires you can smell the cocaine, crack, and the dirty lifestyle they are living in Florida.

However, a day comes and an hurricane will strike them all on Florida's coastal area. They represent the old cockroaches of Haiti, and one day we will fix them up and the mess will be cleared up. Those cocaine crack kids should not be on this blog to mess with any of you. They are sons and daughters of shame in Haiti (DOS and SOS Children in Haiti).

One thing that you need to know they smell bad too...

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Anne says...

According to Dessaline the Avenger who is posing now as a transvesti under the name of Suzanne when that s/he said... more »

Suzanne says...

You are a real sissy and you prove it in your postings. Too bad, Haiti is an Heterosexual country and very Catholic... more »

Sabine says...

Ou sal li twop. Se vre li se Masissi men ou pa ta sal li konsa. Ou vexe li trop men li pa gen wont. Se konsa yo ye... more »