Bravo, Kiki. Well said. My sentiment exactly. Unfortunately...

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Bravo, Kiki. Well said. My sentiment exactly.

Unfortunately, it is what it is. The Good Book said that "a prophet is never popular in his own country".

Mr. Preval will be appreciated by the generation to come. I said it before and will repeat it mutanda mutendis, Rene Preval is the most adroit politician that Haiti has produced in the last 100 years.

Duvalier used terror, brute force and exile to beat down his opponents.

Rene Preval uses finess, intelligence and savoir faire.

Rare for a Haitian politician.

In fact, there is not one thing that Pres. Preval wants to accomplish that he has not done so with aplomb.

Revision of the constitution, minimum salary, femin dyol tout pati politik dans griyen, bouda chire yo, creation of his own political party, mete madam nan ate pou frequensite, fe lwa interime pase, install his own CEP, assure that the international community supports him 100%, assure that business class supports his politic, etc. etc. In a word, a master politician.

A great president, A greater man.

Long live Rene Preval and whoever he chooses to succeed him.


Viv Inite Viv Preval, April 17 2010, 6:42 PM

Topic: Video: Is President Preval Leaving Office on 7 Feb 2011?

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Bravo, Kiki. Well said. My sentiment exactly. Unfortunately, it is what it is. The Good Book said that "a prophet is... read more >
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