Dessalines se tioul Jean Claude Duvalier. Ou mim ou se tioul...

Lucien - April 15 2010, 5:01 AM

Dessalines se tioul Jean Claude Duvalier.

Ou mim ou se tioul Dessalines.

Tioul of a tioul.

Jean Claude se gnou vole. Dessaline voler l'agent gnou lot voler.

Li se gnou voler, voler.

Pou ki sa ou ape defendre gnou tioul ki se gnou voler.

Dessaline se gnou low life. Your social standing is very low.Jean Claude stole the money from Haiti which is our money.

Before Jean Claude Duvalier leave Haiti he asked his friends to hidea part of the money he stole.When Jean Claude start calling the so called friends for the money they were supposed to keep for him, most of them including Dessalines told him they don't know what he was talking about.Some of them moved or changed their phone number.

Se Dessalines ak Jacques Gracia ki te kon aller chache bouzin pou Jean Claude nan cafe Makaya nan portal Leogane ou nan Blanco y Negro nan zone carrefour.

Parfoit yal kampe devant lecole meres yo pou yo suveiller ki ti fit jean claude dit ke li ta rin min coupe.

Dessaline se gnou ancien tioul.

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