We cannot blame the Acra, the Mourra, Saliba, Bigio,etc for...

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We cannot blame the Acra, the Mourra, Saliba, Bigio,etc for exploiting the poor. They work hard and manage well their monies.

They inherited this money management skill through their parents that were merchants for centuries in the Middle East. They came with no monies but they came with their expertise in business.

The average Haitian spend his monies foolishly in expensive clothing, expensive French perfumes, expensive Italian shoes, expensive jewelries, expensive cars, in entertainment including a constellation of mistresses and will spend his last dime to be seen with a light skin woman as a status symbol.

The end result usually leads to financial ruined person.

The average ghetto person think the same way about new immigrant that came in the US. The average ghetto person spends monies in foolishness such as expensive blue jeans, sneakers, jewelries, electronics devices and entertainments, beauty parlors, red lobster.

I heard that if you give a Dominican n amount of money, the Dominican will manages to multiply the money through business where as the Haitian will spend it fast and continues to beg.
From now on, HOME ECONOMIC AND MANAGEMENT should be taught in Haiti from "Jardin d'enfants" all way through Post Doctoral level.

Most Haitian cannot manages well. We have to acknowledges this weakness.

Doremi Fasollasi, April 10 2010, 5:37 AM

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Please correct your Dimitri Acra. That is Marc Antoine Acra. There is no Dimitri Acra read more >
Someone Who Knows, 12-Apr-09 8:25 pm
Who is the third clown? I recognize Preval, and the mulato. Who is the other negro in the middle? They all came to... read more >
Josy, 9-Apr-10 11:18 pm
I remember when those crooks specially Mourra, Accra and Saliba's families settled in Haiti and they were called in... read more >
Sabine, 10-Apr-10 1:17 am
We cannot blame the Acra, the Mourra, Saliba,Bigio,etc for exploiting the poor. They work hard and manage well their... read more >
Doremi Fasollasi, 10-Apr-10 5:37 am
Doremi Fasollasi, BS! if you had a sound understanding between "working hard & stealing/blood sucking practice, you... read more >
Tiba, 10-Apr-10 7:49 am
Now, you are talking Tiba. I agree at 100% with your reply to that posting. Haitian's economic and political elites... read more >
Dessalines The Avenger, 10-Apr-10 11:59 am
You are right, and if it is any consolation to you, I, as a light skinned-long hair girl then, always taught the... read more >
Francoise, 10-Apr-10 3:41 pm
Those Middle Eastern settlers that you are defending now are destroying Haiti in many ways. Saliba and Castera are the... read more >
Dessalines The Avenger, 10-Apr-10 4:18 pm
Man i hate them and i hate the government system in that country, ithink we can do better than that read more >
Thomas Valcin, 10-Apr-10 6:00 pm
My father worked like a horse from the age of 14, and had to raise his siblings. His mother died during birth, and his... read more >
Josy, 10-Apr-10 6:14 pm
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