A wolf and a scorpion

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A wolf and a scorpion were standing on the bank of a river, waiting to cross it. The scorpion turned to the wolf and said:
"Excuse me Mister.

Can I hop onto your back so when you cross the river, I won't drown?"
The wolf responded:
"Do you take me for a fool?

If I let you take a ride on my back, you'll bite me. Absolutely, no way I'd let you do that".

The scorpion said in return:
"But if I bite you, we'll both drown.

I didn't live for so long by being stupid".

The wolf thought about it for a minute then said to the scorpion:
"Ok, Hop on".

While swimming across in the middle of the river, the scorpion sunk his fangs into the wolf's coat and bit him.
The wolf looked at him with his dying, incredulous eyes and asked:
"Why did you do that?

You promised you wouldn't bite me".

And the scorpion to reply:
"I couldn't help it. It's in my nature".

No matter how many promises Rene Preval and his cronies make to the conntrary, a good amount of the money promised will find its way into their pockets.

They can't help it: It's in their nature.

Morn, April 8 2010, 11:19 PM

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