It is time to return the money that you have received to...

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It is time to return the money that you have received to defend the criminal mulatto merchant masters of Haiti.

Why don't you open your big mouth and tell the new masters of Haiti to release the money they had stolen via their families inside the Haitian public institutions to partially finance the reconstruction of Haiti.

They stole $4 billion during the past 20 years to enrich you and their families.

Haitian elites are crooks in the art of stealing.

Mulatto merchants in Haiti and yourself are crooks and insane subhumans that should not exist on earth excerpt in the Amazonie Desert in Brazil...You and them belong to jungle...

The international masters are the better masters than the mulatto merchant masters of Haiti.

They are helping your fellow countrymen in the rebuilding process while your Haitian masters are asking foreign banks not to release any audits about their financial assets in those banks.

The international community masters state that the time for colonial management has passed and they would do anything in their power to build a secure and an independent Haiti state with a new taxation system.

Right now, they see the need to control your Haitian masters to prevent them from steaking and that is what bothers you the most. Mulatto merchants are thieves and they are the ones that stole all Haitian public funds through dark skin puppet subalterns.

This time the international community wants to put an end to corruption and you and your fellow masters cannot steal anymore.

It is though to be born from and raised by a mulatto merchant parent, for all you have learned since you were born is lie, hatred, corruption, division, control of dark skinned people through manipulations and the greed for accumulating money and wealth by all means.

Son of shame open your mind and repent before it is too late...

One day good Creole Mulattoes not you and dark skinned Haitians will rise up and take their destiny seriously and believe me they will kick your ass and you will stop lying forever.

Colonial times have not been passed for your stinky Haitian masters.

When you cannot voice independence caca or sovereignty caca to subdue Haitians, you are accusing White Americans, Canadians, French as masters, but they are better than your mulatto elite merchants and they will lift Haiti up from mud cake and worm cake as well. Haiti will not die and your fellow elite crooks will leave one day. As a mulatto merchant's ass kisser I will ask you to shut up if you have nothing better to say...

Sandra I. Marcellus, April 2 2010, 12:59 PM

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