What did get you get from the Haitian elections? Did Haiti get...

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What did get you get from the Haitian elections?

Did Haiti get better with those past fraudulous elections?

Did those elections alleviate or eliminate Haitians' sufferings?

Did we get good laws coming from the results of those elections?

How many more highways and national roads, hospitals, universities, primary schools and jobs that Haitians got with the results of those elections?

You are scared of Haiti's sovereignty or independence which probably serves your cause or the mulatto merchants' causes and that is why you are calling for a forced departure of this current puppet president to give birth to another puppet one. I am telling you this vicious cycle will end under my watch and I am very determined to end it. All you do and your other fellow mulatto merchants is to fool Haitians about this CACA Independence and CACA Sovereignty that are always good for you and the mulatto merchants.

You have to go back to Haiti to call for elections and the departure of Preval to get a response and not on this blog. You like slavery and internal colonization of your own fellow countrymen and shame on you. You are paid to play the mulatto merchants' blame-game accusations through another puppet president this oligarch intact.

Preval is not a good president and everyone knows it. Preval's discourses prove that he has no control about Haiti.

He does not prove his effective leadership in his political speeches due to the fact that he lacks objectivity, consistency and clarity.

Preval does not know how to use rethoric to make a convincing case about Haiti.

At the United Nations Conference, the Brazilian Foreign Minister that spoke right after Preval made a strong case about Haiti and everyone there believed that he was the president of Haiti and not Preval.

This proves that Preval has no appointed political speech writers in his government and he does have they reveal to be incompetents.

Will I call for his departure?

No. Will I ask a prolongation of his mandate?

No. I do not want chaos.

All you want as mulatto merchant's relatve is chaos to keep the oligarchy intact and protect the economic interests of your accolites as well. That will not happen under my watch.

Haitians will be more organized than ever and there will be no room for any mulatto merchant relatives like to fool Haitians anymore.

As I always state it, the Haitian statu quo is unacceptable.

We must work hard to end slavery in Haiti.

The restavek as imposed by the mulatto merchants' oligarchy system is unacceptable.

The zombies system as imposed and supported by both some Voodoo followers and mulatto merchants to keep Haiti in abject poverty is not tolerable.

The high literacy rate, corruption, monopoly market, lack of economic project developments, destruction of the peasantry economy by those food importer companies such as Unitransfer and CAM to name a few, kidnapping as organized and supported by mulatto merchants to keep Haitians in exile and to retain the monopoly of the Haitian market, and the mulatto merchants self-enriching means through the Haitian public institutions are unacceptable.

Can elections solve those problems?

We just had 24 years of elections, did those problems get solved?

If they got solved and why am I arguing about them. I cannot defend your sovereignty CACA when my fellow countrymen are living in abject poverty while your parents are driving expensive armored cars with tinted windows to fake their own kidnapping system...

A large group of Merchant elites in Haiti is responsible for kidnapping in Haiti period and they are killing any non merchant elites that are against them.

They cannot stand competition and they have to kill anyone that stands in their way for stronger competition to alleviate misery and suffering.

In the United States, the economic and political leaders do not kill or assassinate others to prevent competititon to occur.

On the contrary, they force the government to create other owned government companies to promote competition in selling goods and services with the lowest possible prices and when the competition is strong enough their government is called upon to sell those companies to relieve themselves from those responsibilities.

With an incompetent President like Preval we cannot do that, but we have to wait to thank him for his service in a few months to avoid chaos.

Every time that we have political chaos in Haiti, it always favors your mulatto merchant parents and not Haitians and the statu quo remains intact.

This time that will change for sure and do not expect that Haitians will take the streets to defend the Mulatto Merchants' Caca Independence and Sovereignty.

We are asking the international community to build a strong and independent country in Haiti with a new taxation system and a strong governance system in Haiti as well. The United States is tired of being called upon all times to rescue your fellow mulatto merchant elites, for they are dirty crooks...

Good opportunity for leadership has to wait, for no coup d'etats and forced departure of a democratic elected leader will occur to favor you and the mulatto merchants' crooks to preserve the statu quo. A new Haiti will be built, your mulatto merchant parents will lose their monopoly over the Haitian market for real this time. It is to be or not to be and no one will embark on their stinky boat to help you and them...

Haiti must be reformed before a new leadership occurs to avoid any future puppet presidents and to stop the blame-game accusations as well. In the days ahead, the mulatto merchants will use some prostitutes from the mulatto merchant women's gangs to sleep with some Minustah officers and the latter will exercise so much violence against Haitians that we will have to call for their departure to keep the statu quo intact as they did throughout 1915 and 1934. That will not happen under my watch.

Mulatto merchant elites in Haiti are the worst subhuman gangs that ever exist throughout the Haitian history and the world.

Take notes, I will denounce you and your parents and I will fight you till the end.

Good Creole Mulattoes and Dark Skinned Haitians will join the fight to liberate Haiti without bloodshed.

We will not reproduce the same methods they did in passing order to our uneducated black ancestor soldiers to kill French colonists just to inherit their wealth and become the new masters of Haiti to continue the colonial legacy.

Mulatto merchant elites in Haiti are criminals and they are responsible for corruption, money laudering through banks, fraudulous wire money transactions, destruction of the Haitian peasantry economy, killing of many Haitian investors such as the Ismerys to name a few, kidnapping, political assassination, stolen public funds, zombie practices, restavek and others to name a few. We will fight them till the end to free Haiti and the slaves as well. We will win...

For those mulatto merchant parents on this blog that are trying to scare me, you are dealing with the wrong person.

I am already a dead person and I have no fear for death whatsover.

I have escaped four poisoning tentatives, three assassination attempts, one poisoned witchcraft lady and other stuffs and many of those perpetrators believe that I am an evildoer person.

They are always bad and GOD or the Higher Spirit will never let an innocent man get killed and he/she lets that happen something else will come up. The people who killed that Good Creole Mulatto man named Jean Dominique paid a heavy price for that killing with the last earthquake.

Mulatto merchant elites have killed so many people in Haiti that it will take a long list to highlight that, but their end is soon and very soon. My dear, we will fight you and we will win. You can say anything you want about me, I just do not care. We will fight you, your mulatto merchant parents and any other associates and we will end that monopoly market.

Good Creole Mulattoes and Dark Skinned Haitians will not buy your Caca Independence and Sovereignty's arguments that always serve yourself and your fellow mualtto merchant relatives.

Good opportunity for leadership has not come yet, for we reject coup d'etats and forced departure of an elected democratic leader to preserve the Haitian constitution.

Wrong time for you and Bush is not in power anymore to protect your parents.

Under Obama's watch, slavery will end in Haiti for real. We are fighting your ideas and we will win...

Dessalines The Avenger, April 1 2010, 2:22 PM


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