All you are trying to do on this blog is to keep Haitians away...

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All you are trying to do on this blog is to keep Haitians away from real topics about Haiti.

You are a tricky mulatto woman.

You do not want Haitians to know the truth and the route causes of corruption within all Haiti's public institutions.

Your fellow brother and sister mulattoes are expert inside the Haitian public institutions in stealing Haitian public funds.

Mulattoes, whether you like it or not are crook technocrats caca to only enrich their families.

You hate Voodoo and Africans, but you a are creole bitch born from rape between a White man and a black mother.

You hate your mother for being of African race, but you love your father for being White.

Shame on you, cursed mulatto woman for hating your own mother for being a black raped woman by her former master, but whites consider you as black.

They never say that Obama is a mulatto in the U.S., he is always called black and he is proud of being a black person while you hate Africa and black as well. As a mule whore woman, you need to shut up if you do not want others to insult you. You are one of the most hated bloggers on this blog and many bloggers insult you every time, for you are not arguing anything good. Shame on you! Stupid bitch, you just need to shut up before I shut you down, bitch!

Carline, March 30 2010, 3:08 AM

Topic: « President Rene Preval is setting the stage for genocide in Haiti »

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Carline, 30-Mar-10 1:42 am
Kiki, you are a crook like the Haitian elites. Mother dog, why don't you go back to the jungle of the Amazonie. You... read more >
Andre Jouvain Pierre L., 30-Mar-10 1:50 am
All you are trying to do on this blog is to keep Haitians away from real topics about Haiti. You are a tricky mulatto... read more >
Carline, 30-Mar-10 3:08 am
Oh Carline, Pourquoi tu parles si laid avec quelqu'un qui parle la verite. C'est vrai que la situation d;haiti est la... read more >
Bali Baton, 30-Mar-10 10:45 am
J'apprecie votre analyse car kiki est un symbole de honte sur ce site. Comme une mulatresse, elle pense que toutes les... read more >
Carline, 30-Mar-10 11:04 am
Bonjour. Je suis le mari de Kiki. A travers vos ecrits, on peut remarquer votre patriotisme et votre amour pour votre... read more >
Le Mari De Kiki, 30-Mar-10 5:59 pm
I can't believe what I am reading. Haitien avec la peau noir, haitien avec la peau blanche? Dude to the white men you... read more >
Sebastian, 30-Mar-10 10:37 pm


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