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I could have hated Whites like you because the Haitian elites always brainwash Haitians to hate Whites.

Your Haitian elites and you are the ones that make Haitians hate Whites.

Actually, Whites are helping your country and your elites are trying to push Haitians against them like they did in 1915. Whites have always done good things for Haiti and whatever they did for Haiti, your crook elites let uneducated Haitians burned them down. Your dirty crook elites are the ones that brought the Dominicans in Haiti, for the latter want them to stop using their country services to build good airports and highways in Haiti.

Shame on you and you do not know the politics of your country.

Haitians do not promote individualism as you claim it and if they had proned individualism Haiti would a free market enterprise country.

Mulattoes are selfish and they are the ones that keep turning down all economic plans as proposed by the world financial institutions to alleviate or improve Haitians' economic conditions.

Mulattoes are so selfish that they want their oligarchy system to last forever, but you know we will put an end to it. Stupid, mulattoes occupy executive positions as technocrats to divert Haitian money to enrich their families.

Stupid, mulattoes started to steal right after Haiti's independence where Dessalines had to say this: Pluck the chicken but don't let it cry!
For instance, when the first mulatto president was called to clean his administration, for his fellow mulatto technocrats were the thieves, he said to the international community that all Haitians are thieves.

At that time who occupied the executive positions as educated citizens of the new black nation, the mulattoes.

You hate blacks and Africans, for you are a creole bitch.

You hate Voodoo, but your family uses Voodoo a lot to protect themselves from the money they stole in Haiti.

Voodoo practices could not be strong in Haiti if mulattoes did not finance the churches, voodoo priests and uneducated Haitians to keep their oligarchy system intact.

Stupid bitch, asshole, you have no shame defending mulattoes, chen caca, bitch, whore, and this guy is too nice with you. I will insult you myself to death, for I know you very well, bitch...

Cassandra M. St-hilaire, March 30 2010, 2:15 AM

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I could have hated Whites like you because the Haitian elites always brainwash Haitians to hate Whites. Your Haitian... read more >
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Kiki, 30-Mar-10 10:59 am
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