I have never seen so many meetings being held before on behalf...

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I have never seen so many meetings being held before on behalf of one country.

And yes, I am talking about Haiti.

Since Haiti's independence 206 years ago, there's been a meeting held somewhere in the world to decide the fate/the future/the destiny of our beloved country Haiti Quisqueya or bohio better known as Haiti Thomas or Haiti cherie.

Every single day there is a meeting between the government and some foreign dignitaries held either au Palais National or au Champ-de-Mars, or in Petionville, or a Cite Soleil.

Every single day the government is on a plane using, the public money, traveling the world with a "kwouiye" (a plate) in its hand begging for a buck or 2.

Since the earthquake, there have been more meetings held around the globe than all the meetings held in the past 206 years put together to decide how much more bread crums, used clothes, and used shoes the master should give to Haiti and to the Haitian people.

My question is, how long these so-called Haitian politicians will keep their heads buried in their butts before they realize Haiti cannot be solely the white man, the master's responsibility because the master is no fond of Haiti?

If the master has to make ALL the decisions in Haiti's affairs, it then would make awhole lot of sense for the master to just take over the full governance of the country for another 25, 30 years or forever.

The master should stop playing this footsy game with the Haitian people.

The master need to stop acting as if they don't want to make it so obvious they are in control of Haiti publically when they are the ones making all the decisions, the rules, the laws, behind the curtins, behind close doors.

Who does the master thing he is fooling?

This game is now old and need to stop. Haitians need to stop kissing the master's butt and take matter into their own hands if they still have any pride, integrity, and dignity left in themselves.

It's been almost 3 moths since the quake and uptil this day there is no sign that Preval's government is doing anything.

This monkey keeps getting drunk every day pretending as if there was never be an earthquake of 7.3 magnitude that destroyed the entire city of P-A-P with many other towns and villages.

Jesus Christ people, it is time that we show some competence and some "know-how" (le savoir faire).

It is time that Haitians stop "faire etalage de connaissance and that Preval stops getting so drunk" and start getting engaged to clean up our country and start to rebuild it from ground up.

Preval has the audacity to cry being too poor to provide 25,000 tents to keep his people from rain and the hot sun, but he can come up with millions of dollars to hold elections in 2011. Isn't there something terribly wrong with this picture?

Tiba, March 29 2010, 8:19 AM

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Tiba, 29-Mar-10 8:19 am


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