Strategy for Haiti

Andrise - May 12 2007, 8:37 PM

Hey Max

I felt so proud and strong after I read your email.

Sincerely, I share your opinoin.

We need to stand up for our country we can do it. Remember the time of alphabatization in Haiti everyone was involved I was a kid but I di participated to help our folk to learn how to read we can put together a volunteer group and start from there.

It is so funny and sad for me sometimes because I did a lot of volunteer work for Africa, Costa Rica, Africa and I never found a Haitian group volunteer who really want to go to Haiti and said let start here we going to start clean Port au Prince and put a strategy together and help the people to follow up.We have to stop beggin we have enough people outside who can help, if we start someone else may see our effort and help us without beggin.

If anyone have a project in mind please feel free to contact me by email.

Nobody want to work as a volunteer because we all want to be on the governement it cannot be happen like that we need to stand up for ourself.




We have to stop begging...

It is with extreme sadness that I look at the situation of our country. Recently, Le Nouvelliste posted some pictures...

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