Lavalas: Aristide And His Cousin Rene Preval Brought Humiliation And Shame

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Lavalas at all levels brought shame and humiliation in Haiti.

Lavalas at all levels made Haiti the poorest country on earth.

Haitian current elites and Lavalas are more of the same old shit. We must put an end to their governance with no bloodshed.

Open the Haitian economy to foreign investments will bring more goods, services and fair competition in Haiti and that will end the Haitian elites' monopoly.

Believe me corruption will end. Aristide and Preval are good protectors of elites' wealth in Haiti for not opening the Haitian economy to foreign investments.

Aristide and Preval never call for administrative reforms in Haiti.

They did marriage alliances within the elites interests' groups to preserve their presidency and protect all mulatto executives to repeat more of the same old routines.

Haiti cannot develop without drastric and true administrative reforms to end puppet presidency.

The new president should have executive and administrative powers and no hands tied to call for reforms in Haiti...

Haiti became the poorest country under Preval and Aristide, but the mulatto executives within the public administration are responsible for such a ranking.

It is not a question of hatred toward mulattoes, but it is a social fact of Haitian life that mulattoes are inside the Haitian administration to enrich their families and kill democracy in Haiti.

There can not be economic progress in Haiti with the elites controlling the public administration to enrich themselves.

Haiti has self-enriching elites and they are good in diverting public funds.

That cannot continue anymore.

If we accept to call for drastic administrative reforms in Haiti we can free Haiti from its internal oppressors and from there we will stop accusing puppet presidents...

We must end puppet presidency in Haiti.

The Haitian elites always laugh about all presidents that we elect in Haiti.

With their families' formula inside all Haitian public institutions to control the executive power we will always have puppet presidency in Haiti and nothing will change.

If we cannot do administrative reforms to end puppet presidency we should call for revolution at all levels.

Fok nou rebwase kat la e fok ansyen prezidan yo retounen pou yo vini apran leson demokrasy an Ayiti...

Pierrot, March 27 2010, 12:21 PM

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