You guys know that everybody on this blog is going to think...

Linda - March 26 2010, 1:05 AM

You guys know that everybody on this blog is going to think you're totally nuts right?

It's not as if this is some dark age communicating tool when people could say something and then claim that that was not what they said. Really guys, these days, people can just click back to the post and retrieve what they need to prove what it is that you did say. And guess what?

That's exactly what I did. Here are the quotes from both posts:
Miami Dark Knight
"Le titre de ‘heros de l’hemisphere’ a ete decerne conjointement au President haitien Rene Preval et au Secre�taire general de l’Organisation des Etats americains"

Lavaud Hold Desmoulins
"Haitian President Preval and Chilian Jose Miguel Insulza (Head of O.E.A, or O.A.S) were awarded by P.A.D.F.(Fondation Panamericaine Pour Le Development) as ‘Heros de L'hemisphere’ last Octobre 2009."

Soooo, what was it that I misread?

You guys lied. I actually said thank you to the individual who wrote to say that you guys made that up because he did take the time to do that. Don't know who he is don't care, because on this occasion he, unlike you, did not lie. Anyone can check this out for themselves online.

You lie
you lie
you lie.

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Hey Linda, I see you thanked Haitifreehaiti for...


P A D H Awarded President Preval.

René Préval et José Miguel Insulza proclamés "héros de l'hémisphère" par la PADF...

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