Dr. Feel Bad reply to: Preval voleur pedophile

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All those baseless accusations including the pictures are projection of Selondieu's life on President Preval.

Envy and jaleousy are at the root of his anxiety and projection.

Since Selondieu failed to accomplish similar goals, he has recourse to negativistic, hostile and defiant behaviors toward Preval's success.

My job is to pointed out on this blog those who are mentally defectives and try to help them if it is possible.

Oppositional defiant disorder on Axis I
Axis II deferred
Axis III deferred
Recommendation 1: Continue to take your psychotropic medications as prescribed.

Recommendation 2: If your mental affliction continues to persist after 3 weeks, I urge to return to my office for another evaluation.

Dr. Feel Bad
Self appointed Psychiatrist in chief on this blog.

Dr. Feel Bad, March 25 2010, 12:22 AM

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