Arnisty for the exiled-03-24-2010

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Action de Grace & Armistice for all Haitian Exiles.

First, exile should be unconstitutional.

Second, Guns should be banned from the police force.

Police should have no right to kill anyone regardless of the circumstances.

Police could use tranquilizer to subdue someone.

Third, any Haitian with good conscience that were paid by foreign intelligence services to overthrow past elected Haitian Governments or to create instabilities in Haiti should be giving a chance step forward publicly to disclosure the scope and the depth of their involvement with those foreign services, those information should be cross referenced.

They will be granted armistice and full protection in and out of their residence.

People such as Guy Phillipe should be entitled for such pardon.

Fourth, The Haitian should allow all exiled to return.

For instanceallow Jean Claude Duvalier should be allowed to return to Haiti as a car dealer.

Since most of the monies that were stolen by his family were mismanaged, we cannot ask him to return all of them.

His sisters, his children and his mistresses should be allow to return.

Henry Nanphy, Raoul Cedras, Ertha Trouillot, Prosper Avril, Max Manigat, Latortue, etc..must return to Haiti to help with the reconstruction of Haiti

Auguste Lolimie, March 24 2010, 12:22 PM

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I agree with you that exile should be unconstitutional in Haiti and all former Haitian presidents and public employees... read more >
Dessalines The Avenger, 24-Mar-10 12:42 pm
Jean Claude will be antique car dealer only. Aristide will be president of Haiti.Who told you Cedras is of Dominican... read more >
Auguste Lolimie, 24-Mar-10 8:39 pm


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